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Introducing Fortnite game

Imagine you are a modern-day Robinson Crusoe armed with a machine gun and samurai sword in a world engulfed in a mysterious storm from which hordes of monsters wanting to kill you emerge.

As befits a real survivor, you must build a shelter that will ensure survival in this hostile world. So take a crowbar, a hammer and everything you want and get to work.

Fortnite is a combination of a third person shooter with elements of building your own constructions and a great emphasis on cooperation between players. You and your friends will lead a group of heroes who will try to regain and rebuild the area occupied by the mysterious Storm and monster flocks. So gather a group of friends and comb the environment in search of tools, weapons and various materials that you will use to build a safe shelter.

Surviving in this world will require a lot of creativity from you. You must discover for yourself which elements will be useful for building a fortress, from which you will be able to assemble a new weapon or trap. In the action-packed Fortnite game, great emphasis is placed on cooperation between players. By joint efforts, it is easier to build a powerful fortress or combine several small shelters into an effective protection system. In addition to defending, you also have to go on the offensive, building mysterious gates that appear in the area that call for a storm. Only in this way, piece by piece, can you recover the surroundings from her embrace.

The game has an eye-friendly graphic design and an intuitive quick-build system that allows you to create and repair complex constructions even in the heart of the fight. Dynamic gameplay, discovering the surrounding world and the ability to disturb its appearance will provide hours of addictive entertainment. And the opportunity to build a crazy fortress, limited only by your imagination, will remind you of the time when you were still playing with your friends from the yard when building the base.
written by Tomek Fabianowicz

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